Looking for a performance coach?

You’re in the right place. I have studied sports and performance psychology for over 20 years, and know what it is like to perform at the pointing end.

I will help you perform over pressure.

From working with a sports psychologist when I was fourteen years in order to compete in multiple World Championships, to training other coaches to help their clients perform under pressure; I have covered a range of trainings and unique situations.

Most of us have not been taught the frameworks to master our mind and perform optimally.

Achieving to great heights can be challenging. Whether you are an aspiring 10-yr-old or existing World Champion, maintaining optimal performances sustainably is stressful. This is were I can help.

I have coached numerous World Champions, leaders, entrepreneurs, high profile military personnel, aspiring kids, doctors, C-suite execs, principals, artists, singers, actors, and many other active professionals.

Whether you are wanting to:

  • Amplify your existing performance
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase motivation
  • Develop a mental skills training programme
  • Explore mental and emotional management

I’m here.

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Get to Know Cameron Norsworthy

I started out as an international junior tennis player for Great Britain and experienced some of the world best intensive training centres in America and UK. In my younger years I went on to play three world championships, reach the UK finals, and represent the UK in junior tennis before stopping due to injury.

Fascinated by optimal performance, I studied Sports Psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level; currently finishing a PhD (University of Western Australia and PAHL Group) in optimal performance. I have published multiple academic articles on peak performance, and been awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance.

Over my time as a coach, I have coached over 12 World Champions, leaders and entrepreneurs in a range of domains, and aspiring professionals.

I am a qualified International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach. I hold a post-graduate certification in Business and Personal Coaching, and numerous certifications in a range of coaching and professional development domains. I have also trained in energetics, NLP, flow, EI, hypnosis, mindfulness, and many physiological movement programmes. I grew up in and trained in the UK to become a sports psychologist and later settled in Perth, WA, to exercise my passions for big wave kitesurfing. You will often find me endeavouring to walk the walk on a yoga mat, up a mountain, kitesurfing waves, and keeping up with my kids 🙂

In sport, I have helped athletes become the world’s best, even win World championships. In business, I have helped C-suite execs with their leadership style, integrate new cultures, turn businesses around, merge companies, thrive under pressure, and develop their self-leadership. In education, I have advised schools on to integrate optimal learning environments. I have worked with many young kids, helping them to deal with the pressures of life and develop a personal excellence programme that go on to help their entire life. Over the years I have spoken at many keynote events including graduation ceremonies, TEDx, AGMs and schools.



My greatest assets come from my own personal experience, in which I have been privileged to have been an athlete, entrepreneur, business partner, parent, confident and guide for many people in their life.

To go through life without a mirror, mentor, and guide can drastically limit what we are capable of doing and experiencing. Helping people unshackle themselves is one of my greatest strengths and why I do what I do. Over the years I have trained in, and helped people with:

  • Performing under pressure
  • Mastering their mind
  • Trauma and regressive emotional development
  • Building rituals and preparations for key events
  • Identify personal key values and beliefs
  • Project manage expeditions and extreme events
  • Build and maintain enriching relationships
  • Excel beyond expectations and find flow regularly
  • Many other aspects of personal and professional development

I use the term coach, instead of psychologist, mental skills trainer or consultant, as put simply, that is what I do. I commit to every client and work with you to learn, grow and develop you into a more capable and fulfilled human being to achieve results and a level of satisfaction in life that you can be proud of. I treasure every coaching relationship.

I hope I have the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve your dreams.

Until then,




Let’s Work Together


If you are interested in scheduling a meeting, please submit the inquiry form below, so that I can have a better understanding of your needs and can thoughtfully review your request in a timely manner.

You can also contact myself on +61 (0)415 291 473 if you would like to speak in person.

    What Others Have To Say…



    “You have no idea how you have enhanced my life as well, I really appreciate your time and expertise and what you have taught me not only for my sport but more importantly for my life. The lessons I have taken from our discussions in which I use in the daily life are priceless.” Nathan Charles – Australian International Rugby Player


    “Cameron has certainly lived an interesting life, and has created an exciting model that will undoubtedly help many for years to come.”Rebecca Soni, Six-time Olympic Medalist, Swimmer


    “Cameron gave an exceptional presentation about Flow which really resonated with me. He emphasised that the enjoyment and quality of an experience can have a positive impact on performance. Cameron backed this up with evidence-based research and a few good stories!”Kathryn Netherwood – School Principal


    “Thank you very much for facilitating our innovation workshop recently. You certainly created an excellent environment for our team to engage and make an even contribution. The structure of the day was ideal to maintain maximum productivity. We also thank you for following up and holding us accountable for implementing many of the ideas we discussed on that day. Great work, thank you.”David Scott, CEO, Brew Hub


    “This ability to focus on the present moment, free from distraction, is paramount. It helps us make clearer decisions and ultimately improves the lives of others and ourselves…Cameron certainly is offering us an opportunity to wake up to our own states of Flow.” Tom Carroll – three-time World Champion and voted one of the top 10 greatest surfers of all time.


    “I was referred to Cameron Norsworthy from a close business associate who, like me, is a “founder/owner/CEO” of his own company. After the first call I knew that Cam was able to identify with the reasons I was looking for a “business performance coach” and would be able help shape my plans. I am extremely happy with what he has enabled me to achieved to create fresh goals and align my thinking across all aspects of my business. This has created clarity for me and allowed me to focus on what’s most important.”William Forwood, Group CEO, Merx


    “I’ve rarely worked with a coach who has been able to create and maintain such a calm, safe and supportive space from which to feel ready and able to explore and grow .. a true gift that I have benefited from hugely over the past 4 months as Cameron has supported me through major life changes and given me the confidence and drive to find my true self and stay true to my true path.”Phillipa Bray, Boots Executive